Craniosacral Work

may be helpful for headaches, jaw problems, neck pain, as well as for low back pain, sciatica, and other problems. The work is a gentle, hands-on way of releasing old injury, trauma, and obstruction in the body.

Health in the body expresses itself with subtle movement and fluidity. After physical or emotional trauma, this fluidity may be interrupted, leading to symptoms of pain or disharmony. By focusing on the central nervous system and reestablishing a free functioning of nerves, fluids, bones and membranes, many conditions may be relieved.

The cranial practitioner is trained to feel very fine levels of movement and lack of movement. The client’s healthy core is already trying to make the correction to improve the free flow of life force. The practitioner’s job is primarily to add some extra energy and focus to unlock restrictions. Then the client’s own system, the ‘breath of life’ can do the healing.

For clients outside of the Grass Valley, CA area, distance craniosacral work may be of interest. This healing work is done after a check-in over the telephone and has been proven very effective and convenient.

Photo of Louise Preston at work