Distance Craniosacral Work

Distance craniosacral work is long-distance or remote healing. Craniosacral work is often considered energy work, and because of its subtlety it can be effective over long distances. This makes it possible for clients to receive the work if they are out-of-town or are unable to come to me.

This remote work began when a regular client had to be out of the country. Since the client was still in an “unwinding” process with the cranial work, we decided to schedule a time together and continue the work remotely and see what would happen. I found that, just as I will often work in the office with eyes closed, focusing on the subtle sensations in my hands and inner eye, I could also close my eyes and make an inner connection with the client, still able to feel with hands, and “see” with the inner eye. From here, I could supportĀ the releasing and balancing that comes from the client’s own healing force. I sometimes have the sense that the remote work is even more powerful as we are not limited by the density of the physical body. Since then, I conducted a series of practice sessions, and found them to be consistently powerful. Read some testimonials from clients.

Usually a session begins with a telephone check-in, when I will interview you and find out what needs healing attention, then the client will recline and relax at home just like they would on the massage table. I will go into a meditation and using hands, receive information, and balance structures in the client’s being. This can assist the power of healing within the client’s own system.

After the session, which is usually 45 minutes to an hour, I will call to check in.

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