The following testimonials are specifically related to the distance craniosacral work:

Receiving Louise’s distance healing was not only deeply relaxing, but very nourishing for my whole system. She sensitively and intuitively shifted a long standing imbalance in my pelvis and my hip pain went away. During the session, I felt as if I was physically on her massage table receiving her hands on healing work.

I very much appreciate being able to receive the craniosacral work in the comfort of my own home without the effort of travel.
Louise is a very gifted healer and I highly recommend her work!

–Carole Lenzini

I highly recommend doing this work with Louise. I had an internal experience that was exactly as if she was in the room with me working on my physical body. I went into a deep contemplative state which is familiar to me because it happens when I get a massage, or bodywork, from a talented therapist, except in this case, Louise was not in the same room with me. Quite magical!

–Quantum Kreilkamp

At first I was skeptical, but also found myself looking forward to the experience. The pre-phone conversation was focused and created an intention for the session which made me feel confident.

Within the first 15 minutes I felt my physical symptoms start to unwind and my awareness began to focus on the deeper issues that were foggy in the pre-phone conversation. I wondered why in the past when I relaxed nothing really got resolved and I often just became more irritated or wound up. This relaxation I was experiencing during the session was definitely different, maybe because someone was really holding space for me…I couldn’t be sure.  THEN when the session was over and Louise called and we talked about what my experience was and what her experience was it was absolutely confirmed that a huge shift had occurred and a beautiful healing took place.

–Crissy Jory

I had the good fortune of working with Louise over the phone. As soon as I heard her grounded, compassionate voice I knew I was in the presence of someone who knew what they were doing. When Louise shared a bit of her experience at the end of our session, I was surprised to hear she was drawn to work energetically on my right hip. I had not mentioned my chronic hip pain previously. I highly recommend her to you.

–Susan W.

I immediately went into a very relaxed and deep state was the main experience. I felt like I was literally melting into Mother Earth. At one point I felt a sound or pop or energy in my right ear. That is the ear that do alot of cell phone talking on with my ear phone. I seem to only where one earphone instead of both when I talk with someone.Well my hip feels total GREAT!


Thanks very much for the session today. After the usual few minutes of settling in, on my bed, the room bright with diffused light, I stuck a pillow on my head to block it. At first I visualized a series of eyes, when that dissipated felt some full-body tingling and then some tingling in my “dead” area in the left side of my knee (as viewed from my perspective). I also felt a line going from my hip area to my ankle and some movement/ sensation in my ankle. The session was relaxing, I dozed a bit. I could sense you as a light presence.

Once I got up my leg felt less bound and looser. There was no pain in my ankle and when I walk I can straighten my knee with less tension.

–Mary Tilson